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   Tall Cla ssical-style in rosewood/ebony: 'Compensated'

   This is a hand-made replacement bridge in ebony or rosewood and bone. It should fit flat-top mandolins, bouzoukis, Irish bouzoukis or mandolas. It is made especially for the larger bridge heights on some of these instruments. It is a compensated bridge that allows a slightly longer scale length to the 2nd and 4th strings. The extent of compensation is about 3mm, depending on the instrument.

   It is 130mm long, 25-30mm tall before fitting, and 8-9mm wide at the foot. The bone saddle is approximately 55mm long. It will suit required bridge heights of 10-25mm. The spread of string slots is about 40mm.

   It will be posted with a flat foot, and so will need to be fitted to domed mandola/bouzouki tops.

 String slots may be omitted or altered if required, but by the nature of the compensated sections, the string placement is fairly fixed.