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  The home made string lifter is a useful tool that enables you to lift the strings to work on the bridge without removing all the strings.... it also allows you to set up the outer strings and adjust the height in order to find out what height of bridge you need..... otherwise a very hit and miss process...... and to set up the outer strings to decide on the best string spread at the bridge.
   This is made from a simple strip bracket, and 2 sections of studding or bolts. The distance between the bolts is about 60mm, which is wide enough to cope with the widest bouzouki bridge, and the length of each is about 40mm. I have actually made mine with 4mm studding and glued on nuts. The washers on the wooden foot, which is to protect the top, are to keep the 2 bolts in place. Without the washers, the bolts tend to slip..... the second smaller washers are actually the originals, no longer in use, because after a while, the bolt turning under string pressure, drills a hole in the wood!!   Here the string lifter can be seen in use. It can be successfully used with all but the lowest bridges. In the lowest, its sometimes not possible to get the foot and the bracket under the strings. The choice of the foot wood is important, it has to be hard enough to support the bolts, but slightly flexible to adjust to the curvature of tops.... I use a piece of maple about 2-2.5mm thick.