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Mother of Pearl Inlay Pieces

Essential if you are trying to restore damaged inlaid edging.

MOP type 1: 14 x 5mm MOP type 2: 11 x 7mm
MOP type 3: 14 x 5mm   MOP type 3: 15 x 6mm
 1.50 per piece plus P&P


Edging: Ebony/MOP

This is recovery MOP, and comes in strips about 20 x 6mm. Thickness varies between 1-3mm. It ideal for edging pieces. 

Cost is 1 each.

Out of stock

I also have small quantities of ebony strip suitable for edging. It is 6 x 2mm and will come in 100mm lengths.

Cost is 1 each.

Out of stock

I do have some top quality MOP available, thickness approx 1.5mm in strip of a similar size to the above, @ 1.50 per strip....
missing edging MOP cut and glued sanded smooth and level