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Deep-bodied, flat-back acoustic mandolin


Rosewood body, spruce top, mahogany/maple neck and ebony fingerboard, either flat or domed.

Side sound ports.

Compensated bridge.

Scale length 353mm.

Length 655mm, Width 280mm, depth 90mm.

(Also available in maple, with an arm gaurd, K&K twinspot pick up, or Gotoh tuners.)

Strung with bronze wound strings


Larger photos are available.

   Hi, Dave! I've installed the 38-24-16-10 strings now...
   As for the sound now: It's marvelous. It seems even more "lyrical" with the lighter strings. And it still has so much volume I remind myself when playing it that this must be the first mandolin I've had that can actually hurt my ears. And that's impressive.   Carl (Nor)

Size comparison