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Bending the top

Before the struts can be installed, the top-cant needs to be bent into the top on the bending iron. For this I installed an angled piece of aluminium (see left) as I needed a sharp narrow bend.

First I cut the back of the top lightly along the cant line, perhaps to half the 3mm depth. I chiselled out this cut so that either side was sloping inwards, to allow for the bend. Then, after repeated applications of water (with a brush) and gentle pressure against the hot angle iron, I managed to get a fair bend without cracking the 'good' side of the top.

The warm bent top was clamped into pre-prepared forms to achieve the correct angle of bend for the top. The cross piece was a necessary addition as once clamped, it became evident the two sides of the tail would not stay level without some extra support. Next time I will clamp them top and bottom with clamps. 4 small screw holes allowed me to adapt the bending iron for straight line bending.
Here is the top, seen from both sides, with the new bent cant evident. The top view shows the angle much better.