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4. Rare old Bohm walddoline (mandolin)  (668)  @ 225 euros
Larger photos are available on request.


Old Bohm Walddoline – Preston tuners

This is an old Waldzither, made in Germany with Preston tuners. It has a Bohm label inside with the phone no 6825....

C. H. Bohm

Hamburg 5 Steintorweg 2

Bohm Waldzither Alster 6825

This instrument has obviously had work done on it before. All the original dark red stain seems to have been removed, a split in the top repaired, and the instrument refinished. Not in its original state, but quite sound.

It has the original re-levelled rosewood finger-board with 17 re-levelled German silver T-frets. The spruce top is sound with 1 old shrinkage repair. The flat back is sound with no apparent repairs. The tuners, tail and bridge are all originals. The instrument has been completely refinished. I have strung as a mandolin in GDAE, and is now playing well with good volume and sustain, a ringing, sonorous sound and a light action.

The walddoline will be supplied with a tuning key. A string winder is available for creating replacement double loop-end strings if required…

Other than cleaning, I have carried out the following work on this instrument: 1) levelled the fingerboard and refitted original frets; 2) refinished the top; 3) refitted the bridge and nut: and 4) strung and set up.


Walddoline Specifications (In Millimetres)

Overall Length of walddoline


Width at widest point


Approx. Depth of walddoline

80mm at bridge.


Refinished throughout.

Belly wood

Book-matched, spruce. 1 old shrinkage repair, but seems sound.

Sound hole

Oval, approx. 70 x 45mm. Edging fine.


Rosewood... fine.


2-piece flat back in maple. Stain removed in the past.

Neck and Head

Single-piece, painted, neck and head, probably maple in good condition.


Maple, perfect.


Original in rosewood, re-levelled. 17 re-levelled German silver frets. MOP position markers at frets 5, 7, 10 and 12. Refitted nut.

Machine heads

Original steel Preston tuners, all working smoothly.


Original in steel with 9 string hooks. 'Saiten 505' inscribed as string length.


Original refitted glass bridge.

Scale Length Bridge to nut

Scale of 335mm

G string height at bridge


E string height at bridge


12th fret to bottom string (Action)


12th fret to top string (Action)


Width of fretboard at nut


Width of fretboard at widest point



I have a gigbag that fits it @ 35 euros