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1.   Maglioni bowlback mandolin (696)  @  150 euros
Larger photos are available on request.

Old named Italian bowl-back

This is an old, Italian bowl-back mandolin from the late19th or early 20th century, made in the style of de Meglio. It is in good condition after restoration. There is a label which says…

Gennaro Maglioni

Premiata Fabbrica di Strumenti Musicali

5 Calata San Gervasio 5


This instrument is now fully restored. The top is sound with a couple of small crack repairs. It has a 17-piece rosewood bowl back NO repairs. It has a new fingerboard in ebony, set on a shim to aid playability. The tuners and tail are originals, the bridge new. The top, neck and head have been lightly refinished with shellac and Tru-oil for protection, elsewhere it retains the original French polished finish. It has been restrung with ultra-light GHS bronze wound classical strings, and is now playing well with a rounded sound with good sustain and fair volume. It has an easy playing action.

Other than cleaning, I have repaired as follows… 1) replaced missing and damaged edging; 2) made small repairs to the top; 3) re-veneered the neck; 4) made and fitted a new fingerboard in ebony, with a new bone nut; 5) refinished the neck head and top with shellac and tru-oil; 6)made and fitted a new bridge; 7) strung and set up.

Mandolin Specifications (In Millimetres)

Overall Length of Mandolin


Width of mandolin at widest point


Approx. Depth of mandolin

205mm at bridge.


Refinished with shellac and tru-oil except for the bowl.

Belly wood

Fair quality, book-matched, spruce top with several small repairs. Top sealed with a coat of Tru-oil. Edging replaced.

Scratch plate

Original in good condition.

Sound hole

Oval hole, approx. 60 x 45mm. Also side vents.

Back and sides

17-piece, rosewood, bowl-back, clasp, and sides.

Neck and Head

2-piece, stained head and veneered neck. Newly veneered neck.


New ebony fingerboard set on a shim. MOP position markers at 3, 5, 7, 10 and 12.

Machine heads

Original steel and brass enclosed tuners with original buttons. All working.


Original with 4 brass string posts.


New ebony shelf bridge fitted

Scale Length Bridge to nut

Scale of 335mm

G string height at bridge


E string height at bridge


12th fret to bottom of G string (Action)


12th fret to bottom of E string (Action)


Width of fretboard at nut


Width of fretboard at widest point


Sleeve guard

Sleeve guards are available if required