Mandolin Accessories

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Postage/Packing/Handling Rates

To order bits, leave a message on the contact page, or by ebay, or facebook, and I will send you my direct email address to discuss your order. Item costs are exclusive of postage and packing. Cost of postage for multiple items will depend upon the weight.

Please see Payments Page for details of postage costs and payment options.


For more details click on the hyperlinks...

Strings Bridges Restoration Parts Sleeve Guards

I usually keep in stock a small quantity of all strings for all the mandolin family of instruments

A variety of  classical bridges are in ebony and rosewood, plus bridges for 'flattop' mandolins and bouzoukis.

For a variety of restoration parts from MOP pieces to tail pieces, click on the link above.

A variety of classical sleeve guards, as found on Neapolitan and German mandolins, made in modern acetate.

Gigbags Bowlback Hard Cases Instrument Stand Tailpieces
I have found several gigbags, which fit bowlback mandolins, German domebaks, and the bouzoukis that I make. All are padded. For details click on the title Gigbags

Small selection of old original bowlback cases, which have been refurbished. Photos can be sent on request.

A small collapsible stand, ideal for flatbacks and bouzoukis. It stands 42cms high, folds down to about 38cms and weighs > 600gms.

A selection of replacement tailpieces are available, that are suitable for most of the mandolin family instruments.

    No longer in Stock