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Postage/Packing/Handling Rates

To order a case, leave a message on the contact page, and I will send you my direct email address to arrange things. Postage will be in the 2kg bracket if without a mandolin, 3kg if with a mandolin.

 Please see Payments Page for details of postage costs and payment options.


Re-conditioned vintage pressed-card cases (if available) @ 35 euros

   These old pressed card cases should suit most normal bowlbacks. They will have been carefully re-conditioned, but there will inevitably be signs of age, and damaged seams will be tidied with duck-tape, but I ensure that there are working catches and a good handle, though types may differ from the photos. I line with fur fabric (red, blue, yellow, green and gold as available) and cushion the neck and the bridge areas particularly.

Re-conditioned vintage wooden fitted cases (if available) @ 50 euros

I am sometimes able to acquire close-fitting wooden cases as shown below. As above they will be refurbished, but there will inevitably signs of age, but I ensure that there are at least working catches and a good handle. These cases must be carefully fitted, and will not automatically fit all bowlback mandolins. They may or may not be relined, depending on the 'fit' of the instrument.

New vintage-style cases  @ 60 euros

I have recently been asked to make a couple of cases for different styles of mandolin, which do not fit in the traditional case shown above. So I am now happy to make others in the traditional pressed card style to order, but do this I will need some careful measurements.

Flatback Case Lombardy Case: wider than a normal case