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Restoration Mandolins: ebay
    Hi Dave, Mandriola arrived yesterday lunchtime thanks ever so. Fascinating sound; makes me want to turn to 9/7 time. I'll play it for a good spell and see how I get on with that monster bass G, but I might end up asking you to make me a new nut and saddle to take a standard G string. 
Thanks again.  French post was amazingly speedy, bearing in mind what's going on there. Hope the weather's better in my favourite part of the world than it is here.   Andy (UK)
Hi Dave, just letting you know that I received the mandolin yesterday in the mail. It is a beautiful instrument. Very well packed. I have left positive feedback for you. Kind regards and thank you, Gian. (Australia)
Hi Dave, Just to let you know that the mandolin has arrived! very quick!!! I have just unpacked it, and it's simply beautiful Smile The mandolin is a surprise Christmas present for my husband, so I'll now have to pack it away carefuly until christmas day! he's wanted a mandolin since he was a young boy (His parents made him to play the flute!) so he will be overjoyed. Thankyou so much, I'll let you know how he gets on with it after Christmas. Also could you maybe advise me on the best type of mandolin tuner to buy? Many, many thanks and best wishes, Lindsay (Wales)
     Dear Dave, excuse me for the late response I received the two mandolins 5 days ago and I'm really entusiastic of the exceptional work you did with the instruments. I don't understand nothing of instruments but I have to admite that the work is great also my brother in law, Antonio, very expert, is very satisfied of the quality of the restoration. so I have to thank you very much for your work I hope to meet again in the future in the internet and in the real world, thanks
Amadeus  (Napoli, Italy)
   Hi Dave, just to let you know the mandolin arrived safe and well on friday!! Sorry didn't let you know sooner, I've just come back from uni and my mum had signed for it. I must say it's absolutely brilliant! Far exceeded my expectations. I'm so pleased with it so thank you very much!! A lot of care and effort appears to have gone into it from you and you should know it will be looked after well.  Thank you once again and best wishes for christmas!

Kind Regards, Lauren (Bury UK)
   Hey, I just got my new Mandriola and its BEAUTIFUL! It does sound SO amazing though, and the notes just ring out forever! I love it, thanx a ton for the sale. An all around great person to deal with.  

Stephen, (Bordeaux Fr.)

Hi Dave. Mandolin arrived safe and sound yesterday. I love it. Thank you very much. Can't get over how light it is. Spent all evening tuning and cant wait to start playing it once its settled down. 

Thanks again, Sharon  (Cornwall UK)

Hello David, I find the restoration very correct. I am impressed by the result on the neck and good height for the strings. The bridge is little bit higher than it was, but it doesn't seem to disintegrate it, i find now an attractive and bright sound. Cleaning and varnish give it a new age, it's pleasant. Hope it will have a long & new life in my hands.
Thank you for some more on the case ! i had begun some repair but stop it a couple of months before.
And with all my bests wishes for this new year !

Denis (Liffre, France)

Hi, Dear Dave, the mandolin has arrived safely this morning.
Thank you for the quickly shipment.
DOMO ARIGATO!! Regards! 

Yoshifumi (Japan)
Hi Dave, I received Mandolin yesterday (Friday 6th March)
a lot quicker than we thought. I am very pleased with it, all I have to do is learn how to play it.

Thank you for a great service.  Regards, Simon (Manchester, UK)
Hello again, thank you for all your help in sorting out my wife's mandolin, it arrived at the weekend and she is absolutely delighted with it. I've posted you some feedback on ebay, and just wanted to let you know personally that you've been very helpful and easy to deal with.
Best wishes for the Christmas season,
Simon (Leics. UK)
Hi Dave,  the mandolin (+ strings and book) arrived safe and well yesterday and looks wonderful.  Happily my guitar/violin background has allowed me to make some reasonable sounds already and I'm looking forward to exploring the instrument and its repertoire.
Good luck with your future restorations - I'm sure we will speak again. Best wishes
 Nigel (Oxfordshire UK)

Hello Dave   The mandolin arrived safely this morning and I have to say that itís a little beauty. Congratulations on an excellent restoration job, Iím sure my wife will be delighted when she receives it.

Iím impressed - as I am with your website which is most informative.

Best regards ,  Ian (Cheshire)

Excellent mandolin very pleased. Arrived quickly. Many thanks, Chris (Brighton) Excellent seller!! Mandolin is great, and very quickly shipment!! Thank you so much! 

Yoshifumi (Japan)

Hi Dave , just a quick note to let you know that the mandolin arrived safe and sound this morning Ė thank you very much.  I am truly delighted with it, and look forward to getting to grips with playing a new instrument when it has acclimatised and settled down after the journey.

(Sue Liverpool)

Mandolin arrived safe and well, Many thanks I have had a lot of remarks on how lovely it is !

 (Sarah UK )

Hi Dave, delighted with instrument, have left feedback, hope you do the same. Many thanks, will recommend you to friends. (Tom EIRE )
   Delightful mandolin, exactly as described, packaged well, excellent transaction. 

(Granville UK )

All it is OK. Very beautiful musical instrument. Thank you very much. 

(Paola ITALY )

Perfect mandolin renovation. Great seller, good packing. Item as described :-) 

(Roger SWEDEN )

I know when this arrives it will be superb. Dave is that sort of dealer. 

(Acute angler UK )

   Dear Dave, The mandolin arrived safely this morning, it's even better than the pictures and sounds great too. Thanks for packaging it so well, everything was fine. I'm so pleased with it - it's really beautiful. First class restoration job, thanks so much. I've left feedback on ebay, thanks for a brilliant transaction. 

(Danial UK )

    Hi Dave, Just to let you know mandolin arrived safely, it was beautifully packed and I love it. Thanks for all your help and advice, positive feedback left. 

(Gaynor UK )

The mandolin arrived safely yesterday in excellent condition. Thanks very much - it is exactly as described and I am delighted with it. 

(Claire UK ) 

The mandolin came this morning,and as I am sure you will have guessed I am
very pleased with it.
A very pretty mandolin and a very pretty bowlback sound.  (Alan UK)
Just an update to let you know I received mandolin today, and it is a beautiful as the pictures you had posted. Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting better acquainted with it.  (katcash US)
Hi Dave, Thank you so much for the mandolin.  It arrived safely.  It is wonderful and my daughter loves it.  You have made a fantastic job of the restoration.  We will recommend you to anyone that is looking for a mandolin.   

(Christine UK)

Just received the mandolin... and I must say, I like it very very much!!! Lovely work you did apparently! The low action is so easy to play and the sound is really sweet and with a lot of sustain! I love it!

Peter (Belgium)

Dave, ....... I just wanted to convey my thanks personally for this little mandolin. It's a lovely little instrument full of character and you have done a great job on it. I'm going to have lots of fun with this I can tell.

Thanks again, Barry. (UK)
 Hello Dave: The mandolin arrived yesterday. It looks great...all have to do now is learn to play it!!

Many thanks, John (USA)

wonderful instrument very good restored! thank you very very much!!!

Matteo (Italy) the mandolin yesterday. My god you have done a fantastic job on it. I have never come across one with an action like that and the tone, lovely, near a harp! I don't want to give it away now!

Justin (Ireland)

merci, elle vient d'arriver aujourd'hui!!! elle est magnifique. Maintenenant plus qu'a m'y mettre. Je suis plutŰt habituť aux guitares, il va donc falloir que je m'habitue....  

  (David P ; Italy)  

Fantastic !, Many thanks and Merry Christmas!!

Richard S (Falkirk)

Dave, I have left feedback on ebay, but I just wanted to convey my thanks personally for this little mandolin. It's a lovely little instrument full of character and you have done a great job on it. I'm going to have lots of fun with this I can tell. Thanks again,
Barry. (UK)
Hi Dave,
I retuned the waldzither today, and surprisingly, the tuners weren't as stiff as before. Maybe it's been due to the instrument been in playing tension for a week ? Only the lower C courses gave me a hard time, I will try bicycle oil on them.  Just wanted to say I'm pretty pleased with this instrument.
See you around on ebay.

Best regards, Geoffroy (France)

Hello Dave,
The German mandolin arrived this morning, safe and sound - quicker than I had expected.  The box and packing did their job very well. I've tuned it up and all is well.  I have slanted the bridge just a little more to give a better G string octave  All I need to do now is
play it! Now that you have done such a good job restoring this mandolin I will try to give it a good few more years of musical life.  Best wishes
Bill (Hereford)

I got the mandolin.  Itís beautiful !  Thanks very much for your work and for all your assistance.    Kindly,

  Charlotte (Belgium)

Hi Dave, just a note to let you know that the mandolin arrived safely today. It's a special birthday present, and so I'm delighted. Thank you again, best wishes, Fiona  (UK)
....and WOW the De meglio has just arrived.... what an outstanding sound..and such an easy action.. I'm over the moon with it.   Many Thanks, Ian (Scotland)
Beautiful instrument and very well packaged! Thank you!!!

Tom (Ireland)