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                    To restore the old mandolins I work on, because of the type of tail-piece they have, I sometimes need to fit a sleeve guard. Like repro bridges, I have failed to find a supplier of these, (even the tortoise-shell celluloid is expensive and difficult to find), so I have been forced to make them myself. They are all made by hand in my workshop using chisels, craft knives and files.

                 I have taken existing patterns from old sleeve guards as my models, and for convenience named them after the instrument they were seen on. Below are those I make to date.

If you need one, please drop me a line via the Contacts Page
Future sleeve guards will not necessarily match in colour, as dictated by the celluloid I am able to acquire.

    These sleeve guards are designed to be used primarily with the small, Italian-style tail-pieces with 4 brass string posts. 

     The thin tail fits between the centre 2 posts, (left photo below) over the strings, and is held in place by the 2 small 'ears' at the top, (right photo below) which are tucked under the outer 2 strings. If the tail needs bending to shape, this can be done by hand, or by softening the tail in hot water first.

      I have seen similar on German mandolins with 4 string hooks and no 'kidney' tail-piece, though these have usually been of aluminium.

Picture to follow
As above
Orange T/S between centre posts ears under outer strings Yellow T/S