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Spare or Replacement Button

I have limited stocks of these, and can't always replace with identical. All in stock at the moment.

'French' yellow in resin.

14 x 7mm

Small, round, tapered in bone.

14 x 5-7.5mm

Small, round, tapered in horn. 

14 x 5-7.5mm

2 per button plus P&P
Small, round in resin.

13 x 6mm

Large round in resin.

15.5 x 6mm

2 per button plus P&P 2.50 per button plus P&P
 White oval in resin.

14 x 18mm and 4-6mm thick

 Black oval in resin.

14 x 18mm and 4-6mm thick

  2.50 per button plus P&P


Special 'one-off' Buttons

All buttons are individually made by hand in bone. They come with a circular hole for the spindle. Below is the range of buttons generally in use. Cost is 3 per button. Others can be undertaken as well

12mm diameter x 5mm (German)        

13mm diameter x 5-6mm (Italian)      13 x 10 x 5mm
 I am happy to make buttons to order to your measurements or from the broken buttons posted to me.